Lovely Ilonka

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sencha zöld tea, rózsaszirom, sakura cseresznye aroma

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The eternal feminine energy, beauty, awakening, wisdom which is always present.

Feary tale teas and Story-telling card – Teachings, Ancestors’ heritage

Spiritual food for your lifetime journey for tea

With children: It’s a very good game for adults and children, and with them too, in our quickening world, when we hardly take time to one another and ourselves. Children like listening to tales and creating fantastic stories as well. With the help of Story-telling Cards, time goes by lightly in sickbed and happily when we are having fun.

For adults: Healing power of the tale expresses emotions and spiritual tensions which are not clear for our mind. It speaks directly to our heart where the soul lives. It resolves our deeply hidden fears, pains and conflicts which haven’t been worked out by our mind but still trouble us. The Tale is the key to the door which we open to gain instructions of solving our past and present difficulties.

Tales are always about us. Put a question if you want an answer or help, and let’s see…

Shuffle the cards, put down 12 or 3 of them in a random order, or just pull 1 card and read: What does your tale tell to you?

Enjoy your tea and tale!

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